The Future Is Ours

is a young fashion lifestyle brand established in Eindhoven at Strijp S in 2015 by Studio Spectre. The Dutch brand is the result of a shared vision of a small creative team who share the same interests like: exteme sports, skate- and snowboarding, surfing, the BMX culture, bikes and cars.

The Future is Ours is a young fashion brand for our little daredevils and rascals exploring the beautiful nature of our planet.

The collection is compact with sweaters and t-shirts with top of the line prints which you can cherry pick your favourite items.

Available for ages ranging from 4 to 16.

The slogan “the Future is Ours”

With our slogan “the Future is Ours” we want to send a message to our followers that we need to think twice about the way we live our lives and the impact we all have on our planet.

  • We believe that we need to be more aware and pro-active in our efforts to try to make our planet more balanced and healthy for all our next generations to come and we aim to create fashion with as minimal negative impact on the environment & people as possible.
  • We produce at small quantities and at small family run independent production house in Europe, most of our collections we produce in Portugal, where we know the workforce and working conditions are well and can keep control if they are in line with our standards.

We work with a fair trade and pricing structure with the goal to have a honest and equal share of the costs 7 profits along our chain of product.